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My name is Paul Benedict I am in affiliate marketing.

My main goal with this website is to help others in having success as an affiliate.

MY story

MY story is not much I drove trucks over the road for 40 years   with over 4 million miles with no tickets or accidents that were my fault.Have been to every state in the US. Well as Canada                                           I am 73 years of age and live in Florida. With my spouse Jason.
I like camping, fishing, and golf.
I Have a daughter and grandson and two great grand daughters. We enjoy spending time with them.

Affiliate marketing has been a passion of mine for years.
This is something that can be a lot of fun as well as rewarding.
Making your first sale on line is quite a thrill


I really enjoy helping people to have success in what ever they do. I have meet so many people over the years and just want to give back something.

My Goal

My goal in this website to help others by posting information to help.                                                          I will always be here to answer any questions that you may have.
Many years ago I tried doing but did not have the time.

All the best,

Paul Benedict


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